One Room Challenge {Week 3}: Finding Furniture for our Farmhouse Office

How can we be in week 3 of the Spring One Room Challenge already? It feels like I was just dreaming about redoing this room and now 3 weeks are up! I’m telling you, if time is going by slowly for you, just join the ORC and it shall fly!

With Easter weekend and family in town, we sort of fell behind. On top of that, my husband was studying for an important exam, we had to attended a couple of nail-biting and crazy-exciting hockey games and I guess, my friends, that means there are some late nights and very busy weeks ahead for us!!

If you’re new to my blog, you might want to check Week 1 where I shared our Farmhouse Office Makeover Inspiration board. Week 2 didn’t see too much progress as we got our family pet and have been preoccupied with her. Pop on over to my Instagram where I shared her cuteness 🙂

I think week 3 was busier with “behind the scene” things. I found a desk and I’m SO happy about it!

I love the desk I included in my design board because it’s not too bulky or takes up too much room. When we bought our home, the office was one of the features we loved the most. It’s off of our living room and sort of a part of our entry way. Yet, it has a door which was SO nice when it was filled with toys and we had company coming we could easily put them all in there and shut the door. So now it’s the perfect space to turn into an office/study.

I was hoping to find a desk at the thrift store or at a garage sale. However, it’s not quite yard sale season here yet so that limited my search to thrift stores. I told my parents what I was specifically looking for in a desk and when they called from the store that they found one, I immediately went and bought it. It’s a solid piece and the drawers will hold so much! I’m excited to paint it this weekend hopefully!

Another piece of furniture that I was contemplating using is this buffet…

We bought this piece when we bought our second home. Our dining room had space for it and we used it to hold all our extra dishes and stuff. However, two houses later and we have never had a big enough dining area to use it in since. It’s been in basements and I’ve listed it for sale, but somehow it never sold for our asking price. I think it was meant to be.

This piece has some beautiful detail and the legs are gorgeous! I was torn whether I should paint it or not, but I have finally decided that I will. I want to lighten it up and now my next dilemma is whether I should change the hardware or not. What do you all think?

I think our office/study will be the perfect home for this piece! Imagine everything I can store in those drawers and shelves?! Everything from craft supplies, seasonal décor, candles, and even my silhouette would fit in there!

One other little hugely important dilemma we’ve run into is the chair on my inspiration board that I had my heart set on, is out of stock right now. It doesn’t look like it’ll be in stock anytime soon so I see some shopping in my weekend plans. The chair is almost the “anchor” of this room because if you know me, I looove curling up with a good book and this corner will sorta be my spot!

It seems like I hardly crossed anything of my list this week, but for me, figuring out all the behind-the-scene stuff is huge. I’m excited to have a desk and now I need to get painting!! I have my colors all picked out for both pieces!

  • Paint walls
  • Change glass colonial door
  • Find desk at a thrift or garage sale and repaint
  • Buy chair and reupholster footstool
  • Organize all my craft supplies in a functional (and pretty!) way
  • Add a rug
  • Paint current blinds or buy new ones if budget allows
  • Add shiplap
  • Redo a buffet we already have and use it to organize 
  • Décor

Thanks for stopping by again friends and be sure to check out all the other amazing room makeovers that are happening over at Calling It Home!


  1. Lindi says:

    LOVE your furniture choices! SO pretty! that chair fabric gets all the heart eyes, lol. Can’t wait to see those wooden pieces get transformed!

  2. Stacey says:

    What a great find with that desk! It even has locks on it! I have a piece that I have been trying to decide about painting as well. I am just not sure! I am looking forward to seeing yours,

  3. Suzanne says:

    Can’t wait to see how it turns out. Love the desk you found and with the buffet I think it will look like it was always there. Good luck! Saw shiplap on your list, can’t wait to see how that turns out. We have been working on shiplap and it’s taking us a lot longer than I expected, mostly because of life happening ;)…and probably because I have a 4 month old baby.

    • Kendra says:

      Thanks so much Suzanne! We decided to go the wallpaper route instead of shiplap and absolutely love how it turned out! I’ve shared the full room reveal if you want to check it out 🙂 Wonder how your shiplap is coming along… I admire you tackling that with a 4month! xo

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