How to Make Faux Pumpkins Look Real

An easy and quick way to make dollar store pumpkins look like real pumpkins… with the help of some of the best DIY tools!


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I’m sure by now we all know the power of paint. It’s life changing, I tell ya!

I remember as a young teenager I fell in love with the color teal. My mom painted my bookcase, shelves, some of my décor and my switch plate cover teal. I thought changing all my bedroom décor to my new favorite color was the best thing ever.

Then came spray paint and it was the next best thing and soo easy to transform all those neglected and ugly thrift store and garage sale finds!

faux pumpins

And then, last month I was introduced to THE best thing ever… in the world of DIY, that is. When we painted our front door we used our Home Right paint sprayer, and seriously friends, I’ll never use any other spray painter. Combined with the large spray shelter, it made painting our door soo, soo easy!

faux pumpkins

Fast forward a few weeks (and a water break on the second storey of our house) and suddenly we’re out of our home and we don’t have a garage or backyard to do all our DIY projects in. And just like that, I’ve come to appreciate my tabletop Home Right shelter that much more. We’re currently living in a rental home while our home is under construction so the Home Right Table Top Spray Shelter is my lifesaver.

homeright spray shelter

I love how it folds up so nice and flat and doesn’t take up any room at all. The directions are attached to the bag (they must’ve been thinking of me when they designed it, as I’ll never lose it now!!) It pops up super easy and with the help of the directions, it only took a minute to fold back up!

Home Right Spray Shelter


Home Right Spray Shelter 

faux pumkins

To make these pumpkins you’ll need:

Once you have your little collection of the fakest looking pumpkins around, you an get started!

faux pumpkins

After removing all the stems, I placed the pumpkins inside my tabletop shelter and was ready to paint! I gave them all one coat of white. I then used a foam brush and lightly brushed CIL Honey Frost on all the pumpkins. It gave them that perfect off-white color that natural pumpkins have. For the stems I painted them a blend of brown and honey frost just to give them the perfect stem color. I absolutely love how they all turned out and am excited to display them throughout our home!!

faux pumpkins

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Home Right for providing this shelter and for making it so easy to recommend this great product!

Thank you all for stopping by today and happy pumpkin making!!



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      Thank you, Lisa! I completely understand!! I’ve had a few “accidents” with spray painting, too; including on my winter boots! 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

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