Easy DIY Wall Hooks to Stay Organized

Looking for a quick project for the weekend? Help your children’s rooms stay organized with this DIY wall hook made from pieces of cedar wood and a few inexpensive pretty hooks!

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When we moved back into our home in December, it was like moving into a new home. Everything needed to be unpacked and find its home again. Every single nail and hook had been removed.

As we were unpacking and getting our kids’ rooms organized I found myself walking over to hang something up behind their doors only to find nothing there.

And so where did everything go that needed hung? On the bed. Or floor. This continued for a month and a bit until it drove this mama crazy. Enough is enough and I went to browse this great online hardware store and found some beautiful hooks.

 If you’ve never seen their hooks, you need to check them asap. We’ve used their hooks for this project and I’ve always been so happy with the quality.

These are the hooks I chose for our son’s and daughter’s bedrooms. I wanted something strong and solid that could hold jeans, belts, scarves, purses and whatever else needs hung up!

I absolutely love how both of these turned out and it’s so easy to make your own! I’ll show you how…

It took only an afternoon to make both of these and I love that our kids have a spot to hang so many of their belongings now.

What we used:

For our daughter’s hook, I used a 28″ piece of cedar wood that was leftover from when we redid our deck. And for our son’s I used 2 pieces that were 23″ long. Using my favorite sander, I gave it a really good sanding, especially around the edges, giving it a rounded look.

 I used one of my favorite quick and easy painting techniques for both of these hooks. For our daughter’s, using an old rag, I dipped the end into my vanilla frosting paint and rubbed it over the whole board. I then used the clean end of the rag and rubbed more paint off so the wood grains would show through.


When the paint was dry I used my sander again to sand along the edges. With the wood grains showing through and the worn look along the edges, it gives it that farmhouse feel that I love. I used the same technique for our son’s, except I used cobblestone chalk paint. It’s easier to screw the hooks onto the boards before they’re hung.

My husband hung the boards, screwing them right into the wall into the studs. Using some wood filler, I filled the holes and touched them up with some paint.

I can assure you there’s a lot more hanging on there right now! But just so you can see the pretty hooks and the weathered wood, I had to clear them off somewhat! :)

Do you have trouble keeping clothes and other little things off the floor? These DIY organizers are life savers and help keep our children’s bedrooms organized and clean!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and enjoy your day, friends!


    • Kendra says:

      Thank you, my friend! It sure does help… I found myself going to where their old hooks hung a million times. These hold a lot and are soo handy! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

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