DIY Chalkboard from a Cupboard Door

A very easy and inexpensive way to make a chalkboard frame!

Hello friends!

It’s a brandnew year and that means another year of Monthly DIY Challenges. Three years ago a few of my blogging friends and I started doing these themed challenges and I enjoy them so much! We’ve done so many different themes, from crates, stencilspumpkins, dollar store items, paint sprayers, and upcyled material to name a few.      

And January, it’s all about chalkboards. I created this big chalkboard a while back and we use it for everything… from posting our weekly menu, to drawing seasonal art, to the kids adding their own personal touch!

For this project, I wanted a smaller one that I could put on the fireplace or one that I could set on our entry shelf. I had a cupboard door that I had picked up from the Restore a while back and it was perfect for this project!

On Monday I shared how to make a nightstand using crates and we loved building it and seeing it come together. But sometimes, I just crave an easy DIY that looks like it took hours to make. This was one of those projects.

So next time you’re at the thrift store or the Habitat for Humanity Restore, check around to see if they have cupboard doors. Ours always has lots, and when they had a bunch that were in new condition, I grabbed a couple.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

I gave the door a quick wipe down just to make sure it’s clean and there’s no dust or dirt on it. Since it was new, it was totally smooth, but if you’re using an older or used piece of wood, I would give it a quick sanding just to make sure it’s totally smooth. Next, using the painter’s tape, tape around the edge of the door where you don’t want any paint. Using the foam brush, I applied a coat of the chalkboard paint. I gave the door 3 coats of paint but it doesn’t take long at all for the paint to dry. Once completely dry, it’s important to “season your chalkboard”. Using a chalk, hold it sideways and rub it all over the entire chalkboard surface. Wipe it off afterwards and you’re ready to use it!!

They’re so fun to create all sorts of artwork on them… check out my Pinterest board for more Chalkboard ideas and be sure to follow me there for all kinds of inspiration!

There’s many more beautiful and such creative chalkboard DIYs you need to check out! Thanks so much for stopping by today and have a very wonderful day!


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