DIY Beaded Christmas Star

This star is simple to make and only uses a handful of supplies. Perfect to hang in your window this holiday season or as part of a gallery wall.

Who’s pulled out the Christmas décor and started decorating? I am loving all the seasonal pictures showing up on my Instagram and today I finally gathered up all the pumpkins and fall décor and started packing it up.

We’ve had 2 big snowstorms now, the ground is white and the weather’s freezing so I think it’s time to share my first Christmas post! All in time for our Monthly DIY challenge! For the past few years, on the second Wednesday of each month, a few of my blogging friends and I get together and share a themed post. Whether we all start out by using the same item and make something from it, or sometimes it’s about using the same product, etc.

This month we’re using wooden beads. We’re missing a few of our regular girls this month because of different reasons or their blogs going in different directions but nevertheless, myself, Emily, Nicole and Bre are sharing our wooden bead projects. It’s always so fun to see how we all use the same item but create something that suits our styles and needs.

Here’s what I made…

You’ll only need a handful of supplies for this simple DIY:

The piece of wire I used was approximately 1meter long. I started out by placing all my beads on the wire and painted them. I know they’re not painted perfectly but that’s okay. They were a little tricky to paint since they’re round and touching each other but giving them a couple of coats created the look I was going for.

I then started twisting the wire to create a star shape. I knew each straight piece needed 5 beads on it so it was easy to “measure” it that way. I added a piece of string to hang it with and using the string I attached my evergreen tree sprigs. You could also add some red berries or however you’d like to decorate it!

And if you’re like me and sometimes forget all the beautiful things you want to make this season, be sure to pin this and put it on your to-do list! And if you make one, be sure to tag me on social media.. I’d love to see yours!

So glad you stopped by today! Enjoy the rest of your week and stay warm! And be sure to check out my friends’ projects as well!



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