One Room Challenge: Week 5 …. Counting Down!

It is week 5 everybody!! Once more, welcome to my One Room Challenge update!

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I can not believe we have 1 week to go!!! This is the first time I took part in Linda’s One Room Challenge and for those of you who might not be familiar with it, you basically do one room/space makeover in 6 weeks. It’s been tons of fun and hard work…. and sanding, and sanding, and hunting for specific items, but all in all, it’s made me get off my you-know-what and get working on our badly neglected master bedroom.

And next week at this time, I will proudly show you the MAKEOVER!!!!

The biggest part of our makeover was our dresser and two end tables. This past week, rain has interrupted our plans a couple times so I’m a little behind in that. Here is my fabulous husband to the rescue, sanding away quickly before a downpour started! So thankful I can always count on him!



It is now already primed and I am loving the color white on it already!!! I didn’t get a picture of it in white but you’ll have to come back next week to see the transformation!

Here is the board and batten headboard all done! Another feature I am totally loving! This picture shows three of my favorite things about this makeover. The headboard, chandelier and a sneak peak of the curtains. I couldn’t take a full shot of the curtains or bed… or anything in our room for that matter, as the drawers from the dresser are all over the place and the room looks like a hurricane blew through it! Next week, though at this time..


Finally, we have some lamps I love! I had found the bases for these right at the beginning of the challenge. I spray painted them white and then it was on to finding shades. I couldn’t find any I really liked and so I bought some material to cover just some plain white shades. But a couple days ago as I was looking around in Target these shades seemed to call out my name. They were grey (perfect) and kind of a woven textue (love!) and they were on clearance for super cheap! Anybody that knows me, will tell you I love, love scoring a good deal! Needless to say, I grabbed them!


It’s been fun shopping for accessories and can’t wait to decorate our room! Here’s a sneakpeak of some of the items I’ve found…


So, if you are looking for me this coming week, I will be no where else than right here at home! Thanks so much for coming by… I appreciate you following along and your support in this makeover!

Until next time,



  1. Kathleen says:

    I really like the headboard! It’s a nice change from the upholstered look, which my crazy dogs would ruin in a minute. Everything looks great so far. Enjoy your final week, your bedroom is going to look great!

    • Kendra says:

      Thanks so much Kathleen, that means a lot! I wanted the upholstered look, but this was easier and I do love it! It’ll be a busy week… thanks very much for coming by!

    • Kendra says:

      Yes, I’m so thankful for mine as well 🙂 I think accessories are the best stuff to shop for! Can’t wait to see yours as well… thanks so much for popping by!

  2. tara says:

    Love all your sneak peeks! A handy and helpful husband is worth his weight in gold!! Can’t wait for reveal this week. xoxo

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