Hot Chocolate Mix Ornaments- Monthly DIY Challenge

Good Morning Friends!

Hope you are all having a very wonderful week! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might recall the monthly challenges some of my fabulous blogging friends and I do. There was the Great Crate Challenge, the Pumpkin Challenge, the Wood Slice Challenge and now…. drum roll…. the Clear Ornament Challenge!

Hot Chocolate Mix Ornaments and the DIY Monthly Challenge on 

 The only rule we have is that we all start with the same “object”… in this case, it’s clear ornaments. And we let our imagination soar! And so let me introduce you to my “Hot Chocolate Mix Ornaments!”

Hot Chocolate Mix Ornaments and the DIY Monthly Challenge on

I have to share a little background with you… You might have seen my Christmas Home Tour I posted on Monday. Well, it’s kept me very busy for the past few weeks. This past weekend as I was wrapping up my tour post, I also worked on my clear glass ornament and I had a MAJOR craft fail. Oh dear! But I’ve learned that these are just part of a diyer’s life. Insert: Clear Glass Ornament is now due. And who else, but my wonderful, supportive husband comes to my rescue! I really should have titled this post “What Would I Do Without Him?”

He came up with these adorable, little Hot Chocolate Mix Ornaments! All you need for these are:

Celebrate It Plastic Disc Ornament Set, 6– clear ornaments from Michaels in the shape of your choice (the wider the mouth, the easier they’ll be to fill and empty)

– hot chocolate powder (mine was a gourmet blend with chocolate bits)

– add-ins of your choice (marshmallows, chocolate chips, crushed peppermints, etc.)

– ribbon


Don’t you think they’re so darn cute?

Hot Chocolate Mix Ornaments and the DIY Monthly Challenge on

With the hustle and bustle of the season, you might really love the simplicity of this ornament! We used a funnel to pour the hot chocolate into the ornament. Next, you layer in your ingredients until the ornament is full. The ribbon gives it a little extra Christmasy touch! They would look very cute attached to the ribbon of a gift or even attaching them to a Christmas card!

Hot Chocolate Mix Ornaments and the DIY Monthly Challenge on

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Please check out my wonderful blogging friends’ projects below, featuring clear ornaments! I’d also love to invite you to come back tomorrow for our weekly link up party, Your Turn To Shine!

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  1. Tania says:

    Oh my goodness those are adorable! What an awesome hubby you have! I like to give my family members an ornament each year, these would be perfect! Pinning!


  2. Kristi says:

    SUCH a sweet idea Kendra! These would make great gifts for neighbors and friends too!!! This time of year is all about simple as far as I’m concerned – you want to enjoy it as much as you can!!! LOVE these!!!

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