A Farmhouse Style Entry Way

Ideas of how to add some farmhouse décor to your home’s entry way.

Is there an area or room in your home that you have a gazillion ideas floating around in your head but haven’t had the time to tackle and make it all happen?

Yeah, me too. I always have 40 projects on the go and planning another 10 in my head. My poor husband is my hero. He does an amazing job of keeping up with me 😉

For us, one of those spaces is our entry way. The area that first greets you when you step into our home.

This should’ve probably been the area that got decorated and done first, but nevertheless, we’ve plopped a bench in it for storage, hung a mirror and that’s it. We do have somewhat of an excuse though… if I might jog your memory a bit, exactly a year ago today, we had major water damage in our home. To the point where it had to be completely emptied and we moved into a rental place for 4 months. Moving back home last December and unpacking over 140 boxes took more time than I ever imagined. So there’s a little background info as to why this space isn’t completed yet 🙂

Well, after pouring through my Pinterest board for entry way inspiration I’m ready to get working on this space and finishing it up. I was noticing almost every photo I have pinned has shiplap on it. I’d love to add it to our entry way as well and my husband and I have schemed and pondered but it doesn’t seem possible. Our dilemma is, our home is very open (which we absolutely love!) but all the walls in our entry way continue into another room. So, I’m not sure how it would look if we stopped the shiplap at an angle.

Why don’t I first show you some gorgeous entry ways that make me want to run to Home Depot right now and get some of the stuff I need…

This Rustic Glam Fall Entry from Lauren at Blesser’ House is one of my favorites. I love the board and batten and that bench is perfect for her entry! Add on her talent for adding décor and it’s like the perfect entry!

         Are these Vintage Theater Seat from Mrs Rollman Blog not the neatest thing you’ve ever seen? I love the story behind them and how they came to “live” at her house! They’re definitely a very unique find and not something you run across very often! Benches are such an essential piece of entry ways and these would definitely add some vintage charm!

Amy from Home Remedies always has such beautiful entry ways! I especially love when she decorates them for fall and Christmas. And isn’t this Simple Spring Entry so pretty? Many of the items pictured are from her Vintage Farmhouse Shop. So many beautiful farmhouse finds… you definitely need to check it out!

This entry from Shannon at AKA Designs has always caught my eye. Just check out my Pinterest board for entry ways… I think I have it pinned 3 times! I love how bright it feels even with all the dark accent pieces! Isn’t that light fixture so pretty?

And one last entry for inspiration is this beautiful one I found via Instagram! It was shared from The Modest Farmhouse but I can’t find the original owner! Again, I love the color of that bench and that shiplap of course gets all the heart eyes!! Simple yet it’s all so beautiful!

Now it’s time to show you where we’re at and what we’re working with… Here’s our entry way and our front door makeover we did last year. The entry way is one of the many things we loved about our home when we first saw it. It is very spacious and never really gets crowded when we have friends and family over. To the right of the door is a bench and then across from the bench is a big closet. The step leads into the living room and that door way you see there is our newly Farmhouse Office.

This little Missy lives in our entry way as well. If the weather’s nice she’s outside but it’s been SO hot here and she needs air conditioning just like the rest of us so she hangs out in the house 🙂 Isn’t she sweet?  

I’m thinking of painting our bench in our entry way and while I’d love to paint it white, I don’t think it’s very practical as it get a LOT of wear and tear. I love the grey bench in one of the pictures above but I have yet to decide an exact color.

Otherwise, it looks like I need to go shopping. I’m sharing some items below that we already have or that I’d love to add!

Storage Bench |Cubby Bench | Hello Vinyl Sticker


Love You More Pillow | Chalkboard Organizer | Welcome Vinyl Sticker | Storage Basket

Thanks so much for stopping by today friends! I’d love to hear any suggestions of what I could add to our entry way that would give it some farmhouse charm!



    • Kendra says:

      Thanks, Kristi! I remember looking at countless houses that hardly a couple people fit into the entry way so this is definitely one of our favorited features! Now to decorate and finish it! Have a great weekend, friend!

  1. Karen Baumgardner says:

    Hi, Kendra, I think the “Shanty2Chic” sisters on youtube have just the thing for your shiplap dilemma. Here’s the link –


    It’s the “Shanty House Crash with DIY Plank wall room transformation”.
    They do a section of a large wall – which I didn’t think I’d like as they started it – but it actually looks really nice when complete. Check it out!

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